born in 2000 | gray | 1m72
AES approved (since 2003)
BWP approved (since 2005)
Owner : Stoeterij van Paemel
In service at: Zangersheide

Rider : Dirk Demeersman

Carthago Z Capitol I Capitano Corporal
Folia Maximus
Perra Calando I Cor de la Bruyère
Kerrin Mambo
van Paemel
Randel Z Ramiro Z Raimond
Alaric Z Almé
Granie Graphit Grande
Goldlady Gotthard


Cicero Z van Paemel is a son of the famous stallion Carthago Z. With Jos Lansink he was successful at the Olympic Games in  Atlanta and Sydney and at the EK in Hickstead in 1999. Furthermore he gained a 2nd place in the Grand Prix of Aachen. Besides his sports performance Carthago also enjoys great fame as progenitor.
Rendez-Vous has the necessary blood with Randel Z as father. Randel has also proven repeatedly that he is successful in the motherline e.g. Cornet Obolensky, Vivaldo en Querido vh Costersveld, Lorrain Z,... Then follows the Hanoverian formula  Graphit x Gotthard followed by the thoroughbred Poet xx.

Cicero made a lot of impression as a young horse under the saddle of Willem Meeus. At the time he is ridden by none other than Dirk Demeersman. Cicero, born in 2000, jumps successful at Grand Prix level. He has won e.g. the six bar competition over 2m05 in Dublin, was 2nd in the Championat of Frankfurt became 2nd in a 1m55 class at the CSI Linz and gained a 3rd place in the Grand Prix of CSI Neeroeteren. Recently he was 6th at the Championat of Nörten-Hardenburg and 6th in San Patrignano.
During CSI-W Mechelen 2009 Cicero became 7th in the qualification of the World Cup and ín the Rolex FEI World Cup! The last weeks
he piled up the results with a 5th place in Wiener Neustadt and Oldenburg, a 4th in La Coruña and a 3rd place in Ascona and a 1st place in a 1m45 class at CSN Vilvoorde. As icing on the cake they closed the year 2010 in Mechelen with a victory in the Sires of The World.

In February 2008 appeared an article about Cicero Z in the Z-magazine. Click here to read it.

The first offspring of Cicero is born in 2004. Of those few descendants who were born back then, most of them have already been sold to foreign countries, in particular Eminem (Chile), Ulysses van Paemel (Switzerland) and Caselle (Italy). Cinderella van Paemel Z too has found her way to Spain and Chivas van Paemel Z, who did it well in the circuit for young horses, is stabled in France, where he competes. Ciska van Paemel Z jumped also great in the circuit for five year old horses and is now ridden by Dirk Demeersman. Another Cicero descendant, Eclipse, joined world champion Philippe Le Jeune.

Since Cicero has  been approved by the BWP, he immediately got the confidence of the breeders. These descendants increasingly make known at auctions, free jumping competitions and exterior contests, but also predominate the sport.
already has 7 approved sons. Feingluk de Guldenboom (AES), Frederico van Paemel (AES France), Galisco van Paemel (BWP) Graffiti van de Worfthoeve (AES) and Gibson (AES France). Gigolo van Paemel is also approved for the BWP and his full brother Inshallah van Paemel was admitted to the AES.

Ciska van Paemel Have Patience van het Westhof Frederico van Paemel

Cicero is the half-brother of the BWP approved stallion Esperanto van Paemel who has already shown that he has a great potential. As a 4 year old he did not make one fault in the LRV circuit. Like a real muscleman he has won both the stallion competition during the Winter Equestrian Nights in Lier and the final of the 5 year old horses at Jumping Panhof. In 2010 he ended on a 4th place in the stallion competition and obtained a great 3rd place at the National Championship of the LRV. Since mid August 2011 Esperanto joined his brother in the stables of Dirk Demeersman.

Cicero's older half-brother Umberto van Paemel (s. Darco) has a succesful jumping career in Italy (sport name: Umberto de Guldenboom). He has won the Derby of Italy, which took place in Vinovo and he was victorious in San Patrignano and also in Alpignano.
His other halfbrother,
Waterloo (s. Darco) was as a 6 year old horse one of the finalists in the tournament of Gesves after two faultless qualifications. 

Cicero's younger half sister, Betina (s. Darco) has immediately been used as a breeding mare. Straight away she proved her value. Her first descendant was Che Guevara van Paemel (s. Carthago) who has been approved at the age of 3 for the BWP.
Her second foal,
Cayenne van Paemel is one of the last descendants of Carthago Z. Just like Betina she's in foal by Numero Uno. Furthermore Betina gave other foals by Lord Z, Colman and Numero Uno.

Rendez-Vous' half sister, Quechua (v. Remondo) also garantuees to deliver top jumpers.
Uncle Sam (s. Darco), her first foal, was an extremely beautiful colt with a lot of jumping abilities. Hij won de 4 year olds at Gesves, was ex aequo winner in the 5 year old class and he was 10th in the 6 year old horses. At the age of 7 he earned several places of honour at 1m40 classes and ended up in America via Stephex. That same year he was 4th in the Grand Prix of Ontario. Since then he jumps with Ashley Fleischhacker at Grand Prix level.

Her second foal was the stallion Versace (s. Darco) who was sold to Canada where he immediately won the championship of the 5 year old horses with Yann Candele. At age 6 he was 5th in championship and that same year he was approved as stud.

Quechua's daughter Winona (s. Darco) is now on Italian soil where she already has won various international classes with  Ignace Philips. Barbarossa van Paemel (s. Darco) was as a 4 year old 8th in the final in Gesves with 7/8 clear rounds. The next year he became champion with Marc Bellemans after 10 clear rounds. At this moment Aldrick Cheronnet is his rider and he has already brought him to victory in a 1m50 class at the CSI Vidauban, 2nd in the Grand Prix of CSI San Sebastian and 3rd in the Grand Prix at CSI Vichy.

Her 6 year old son, Don Camillo van Paemel (s. Darco), is AES approved and he gained a 7th place in the young stallions division at the CSI Hasselt. Further he did not make any fault in the circuit for young horses, but a time fault costed him the final.

Cicero's grandmother, Granie, has been bought as a foal in Germany. Granie's full sister, Gromanique, was successful at S-dressage. Her other sister Goldene is the mother of the stud Lord Charles, who did great at the Bundeschampionat and the St. Pr. Stute Goldbirke who jumped international Grand Prix level with Otto Becker.

In the BWP magazine of Octoberr 2004 Granie was discussed detailed. (Click here to read the article)